Specialists in the installation of CCTV. This industry has grown and changed tremendously in the past few years.


A wide range of products are available from the simple single camera and gate monitor to the multi camera digital computer system.


Cameras can be switched from picture within picture screens to timed switches dealing with 2 cameras up to 32 or quads can be used to view all your cameras at once.



Can be achieved with a conventional recorder or a 24 hour time lapse recorder. The use of a Multiplexer ensures the recording of multiple cameras and their playback.


DVR = Technology is the answer!

Analitical software can now track people moving and create alarms


The digital computer has revolutionized the CCTV market making it possible to record directly on Hard Disc drives with time and date stamped and easy searching for recorded events. Pictures are only recorded when motion is detected thus saving time and space. Alarms can also be created when motion is detected. Available for 4 to 32 cameras - this computer based system must have a stand-alone computer dedicated to its operation (Embedded DVR). Fixed monitors can be connected prior to being recorded to ensure real time smooth pictures for Control Rooms.

Full switcher and quad capabilities are standard.

Real Time digital video recorders are available. Recording up to 400 frames per second, divided by the 16 cameras as per system. Large hard disk drives are required to store this video footage. For this reason units that record at 100 and 200 frames per second are more popular.

High Speed Domes:

These cameras are controllable via joy stick and can also be preset to up to 164 positions which will enable you to use a single camera with auto focus and auto iris lenses to act as a switcher.

A very fast system allowing you to see and focus up to 300 meters with conventional lenses at speeds of 255° degrees per second, a lot faster than the original Pan Zoom and tilt system (Still available) that operated at +/- 6° per second colour, during the day and black/white at night.

Surveilance brands we use.


Day Night Cameras - Infrared

Colour by day, Black & White by night, even when in pitch black conditions. This is achieved by fitting infrared LED lights to all these cameras. Night vision ranges are variable:

• 10 Meters

• 25 Meters

• 40 Meters

• 60 Meters

• 100 Meters


Are available with various size lenses to ensure that you are able to see the picture you require whether that be focused close up or a wide angle picture to see motion in the vicinity.

Colour cameras require a lot more light to give a good picture so generally external cameras in residential installations are often infra red. Monitors can be linked to view your camera from 4 inch up to 52-inch monitors also available in high quality colour LED. With the use of a product known as the Dog Watch RF Converter, the signal from your camera or multi-switcher can be placed directly onto your television network.

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