The Advantages Of An Electric Fence As A Deterant

Early warning system.

Wired correctly, the electric fence will trigger an alarm when the wires are either cut or shorted. Should the alarm sound, the person is not on your premises or in your house, and therefore time is on your side. The electric fence will have served its purpose as an early warning system should the above occur.


24 hours a day

Unlike traditional systems like alarms and beams, which have to be switched on and off, your electrified security fence is on 24 hours a day. The only reason to ever switch off your electrified security fence would be for the maintenance of vegetation.


The electric fence is part of the first line of protection to your premises. It forms an integral part of the security plan and merits careful analysis and planning to be 100% functional and effective. Any shortcomings in the electric fence will soon be detected by any transgressor and could lead to your security being compromised.For any electrified security fence to be truly effective, it has to meet the following criteria:


  • It should be an effective physical barrier

  • It should effectively secure the entire perimeter

  • It should have the ability to severely shock any intruder

  • It should give a warning when tampered with

  • On larger properties it should give an indication of where the penetration took place

The two single most frequent questions that we get at Gido Electric Fencing is the following: “How much is your electric fencing per meter?" and "What does the average fence cost?”


To their detriment, the average property owner is under the misconception that he / she can request a price per metre and / or an average electric fence price, and extrapolate it back to their own property.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


To answer the last question first by way of example. Asking what the average fence costs, equates to calling a car dealership and asking the sales person what their average car costs. It is actually ludicrous, if you think about it. Which begs the question, average for whom?



The fact of the matter is that no two properties are the same. Nor are any two property owner’s viewpoints and expectations of their security measures, or budgets for that matter, the same! The question is what will suit your requirements in terms of your budget? What will your budget allow you?


In terms of the first question, it is just not possible to give an approximate cost or cost per metre as there are some critical factors that affect costing, that you, the property owner, might not be aware, and or, have thought of. Some of these factors have a direct impact on the costing, which have to be noted so that you can make an informed decision regarding the proposed electrified security fence.

Physical and psychological barrier.

It is extremely difficult to just climb over an 8 or 10 strand square tubing wall-top electrified fence without touching the wires. The psychological fact that you are going to get severely shocked in the event that you touch the wires, even accidently, is enough to deter most criminals from even trying to breach it.


A correctly wired and properly earthed installation has the capacity to shock any person severely! Such a shock would deter any normal person from trying to breach the fence

Battery back up.

Unlike beams and cameras, which are off during power failures, electric fences continue securing your premises due to battery back up. Your standard residential energiser with battery backup will keep your fence powered for up to 20 hours.

Electric Fence brands we use.

Vistel Systems,CCTV Alarm system electric fence intercoms gate motors johannesburg jhb cameras wireless alarms surveilance biometrics
Vistel Systems,CCTV Alarm system electric fence intercoms gate motors johannesburg jhb cameras wireless alarms surveilance biometrics


Electrified fencing not only acts as a physical and psychological barrier, but also as an early warning alarm system, which is electronically monitored against cutting and shorting of strands in an attempted breaching of the perimeter.There are six main advantages of electrified fencing:


  • Physical and psychological barrier.

  • The shock capacity.

  • Early warning system.

  • Security 24 hours a day.

  • Battery back up.

  • Perimeter protection.

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